Consensus Networks Benefits: Blockchain Availability

Posted by Mitchell Krum on 1/10/19 2:14 PM
Mitchell Krum

When a transaction occurs, it is encoded into a block of digital data and all members of the blockchain network agree to store and distribute data across the network. Each block is connected to the one before and after it, creating an immutable "blockchain". The entire database of transactions is stored on all network nodes and able to be viewed by all members of the network. these blocks of data and transactions are unable to be deleted even by a system administrator. Data on the blockchain can only be changed if a majority or super-majority of network participants agree.

Blockchains are maintained by a geographically distributed network of nodes (computers/servers). Since your data is stored on each and every node in the network, even if some nodes are down for maintenance or compromised, your data will remain available. For example, if on a network made up of 20 nodes 10 of those nodes are down for maintenance, your data will still be accessible on the other 10 active network nodes.

Consensus Networks provides network support in the form of both physical and cloud-based infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure allows quick, efficient, and cost-effective deployment and testing of blockchain applications and use cases. Consensus Networks' blockchain optimized physical servers, available in data centers across the United States allow your blockchain application to be truly distributed and operate at a legitimate enterprise level. Consensus Networks operates in top tier data centers with at least 99.999% historic uptime and has optimized its network design for the lowest latent connections. 

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